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Web Design, Hosting & Support Service
The best way to make your business more of a success is to have an effective presence on the Internet. Your own Web Site will provide valuable information to your current customers and attract potential new customers.

We have an excellent and easy-to-use on-line shopping cart for you to use to sell your merchandise and services directly to customers. Our own "GenesisCart" on-line shopping cart requires no programming skills to process your on-line orders or to add/change/delete products or services. Because we wrote most of the programming scripts in-house, we can customize the "look and feel" to suit your requirements and add functionality as needed. We will do all of this type of work for you so you can concentrate on your business.

We can acquire a domain name for you that best relects the spirit and nature of your business and host your Web Site for you. We manage the entire Web site site delivery system for you to keep your site up and running every day.

If you prefer, we can register your domain name for you as "Registration Private" to protect your personal privacy. In these instances, the domain name will remain yours in all respects, except that the various public "whois" servers will not routinely display your personal identity information.

We provide affordable and timely web page hosting and design services, maintenance, support, equipment and online help to help make your small business visible, attractive and profitable.

We also provide special personal email hosting accounts using your name or other easily identifiable domain name [if available], such as "". As a result, you could have, for example: "" as your personal email address. This very affordable service also provides a "Contact Form" emailer which allows others to email you from virtually anywhere using only a web browser.

Over 90% of Web surfers rely on search engines to locate the Web site they are looking for. It is estimated that there will be nearly 70 million broadband households in the US by 2008. These are the folks that routinely surf the Internet for products and services by accessing on-line shopping cart software on the Internet 7x24. Total retail on-line spending in general merchandise will likely reach $151.3 billion by 2010. We will submit your new Web Site to the powerful search engines that bring this growing new marketing opportunity to you.

Our customers have a direct telephone line to us to support your site and make it the best it can be.

All of our web sites are on our own dedicated server platform. This adds another layer of security to your web site because we do not share web resources with anyone else.

All of these services can be provided to you for one low monthly affordable price. Please visit our demo site.
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