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Small Business Internet Marketing Solutions
   Get Off the That Old Phone - Get on the "NET".

It's simple - - the only way on-line customers can do business with you is if your business is on the Internet. Don't lose out to your competition simply because you're not on the "Net". We provide affordable and timely web page hosting and design services, maintenance, support, equipment and online help to help make your small business visible, attractive and profitable. Be a World Wide Web business. We have no "cookie cutter" web sites. The way we look at it, to truely achieve customer satisfaction, it can only be done by designing a custom web site that's exactly right for you.

It's our philosophy to best differentiate you and your business from your competitors - - not just sell you a web site. Give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

We provide virtually unlimited email services to support your capability to send out hundreds or even thousands of newsletters and other types of customer contact electronic communications. Unlike, and, our email delivery rates achieve higher levels of actual reciepted email to your customers. We do not throttle or delay transmissions and the entire email, including the subject can be custom tailored to your needs. Click here to see some of issues using Constant Contact. Our newsletter platform avoids most of these problems largely because we can modify our approach on a customer-by-customer basis.

If you are need a laptop to be used in a field environment to work with your new website hosted with us, you may consider a Panasonic Toughbook laptop computer. Although we do not sell these machines, we have a list of quality eBay sellers that have a good selection at very reasonable prices. Click here for the list.

Like most engineers, we love "things mechanical". Model railroading is one of our great interests. If you are a Model Railroading hobbist and you would like to promote your "nitch", we can host your work at no cost to you. Or for a small cost, we can help you set up your own site. If you need model railroading equipment, please visit Bowser Manufacturing.
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